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"Coach Corey has been instrumental in helping us leverage chess for our son’s cognitive development. As a coach, his patience and unique ability to engage the curiosity of kids is second to none. Our proof of concept came early as we saw our son excel in his standardized test-taking strategies, while winning several national championship titles in his chosen sports of jiujitsu and wrestling. The ability to deconstruct problem positions, predict patterns faster than any other kid on the mat, and win decisively are critical thinking skills we’ve seen start on Coach Corey’s chess board. These skills are now translating into excellence in academics and athletics."

The Co Family


"Coach Corey shares his love of chess and is an excellent role model. My son has greatly improved his skills and focus under Corey’s instruction. Corey truly has a gift for chess and coaching; he knows how to encourage and challenge his students. He has helped my son progress towards achieving his potential over the last 5 years."
Student Accomplishments:
Tampa All Star championship - 1st place, several years
TriState Championships K-3 - 1st place
First Annual Cave Chess, Alabama K-3 - 1st place
Scholastic Regionals - 1st place

The Fellerhoff Family


"Coach Corey has a very calm demeanor, which makes the chess lessons light-hearted and enjoyable. I have been studying with him for a long time and I enjoy his teaching style of jumping right into practice. Sometimes we play against each other, other times we review opening strategies. No chess lesson is the same."

Archit Shankar

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